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Great Sunroom Ideas for Added Light and Warmth

Sunrooms make an incredible place for entertaining. To add even more coziness and convenience, add a cozy fireplace and table suitable for board game nights in the late afternoon. For an inviting outdoor setting, select a neutral color palette like that used by Nashville designer Rachel Halvorson's sunroom. A pair of lounge chairs facing towards the view complete its soothing vibe. Paint the Walls Sunrooms provide an ideal place for you to express yourself through color. Even though minimalism is the way of the present, adding pops of bold hues into the mix is totally acceptable; just make sure your palette blends in well with nature outside. Your location and surrounding nature should also help determine your decorating palette. If you live near a beach, sandy browns and dusty blues might work well in your sunroom. If you're uncertain which paint shade to select, try taping color swatches onto the wall and observing their response to light throughout the day. As it shines in through different windows of light, it will show how these different hues reveal distinct undertones in every hue. Add a Fireplace Sunrooms provide the ideal place for installing a fireplace to keep you toasty in winter months and offer warmth on cool autumn afternoons. A wood-burning fire can give the room an inviting glow, giving it that classic cozy charm. Greenery can add warmth and atmosphere to your sunroom. A few large potted trees or even smaller topiaries will do wonders. Hanging an eye-catching light fixture is also an effective way to add some extra drama and beauty to your sunroom. Black fixtures blend into the background visually, letting the colors of nature beyond your windows shine brightly. Add a Pop of Greenery Color can transform an otherwise plain sunroom into something full of personality. One striking hue, like Lauren Koster's vibrant blue sunroom, can instantly brighten and bring chic living room charm to this sunroom space. Add some greenery to your sunroom for an added splash of nature and charm that will invite guests into your home. Potted plants or charming topiaries - either will bring an outdoor touch into the indoor environment. Create an eye-catching sunroom by mixing styles, such as these mid-century modern rattan chairs and stately Oriental rug from Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors. Hang a Stunning Light Fixture When considering sunroom decorating ideas, prioritize what makes your room special. If your sunroom boasts an amazing view, be sure to highlight it by selecting furniture and decor pieces that enhance rather than compete with its beauty - as shown here with Clara Jung from Banner Day Interiors positioning plush chaise lounges against windows to take full advantage of its landscape view. Add visual drama with an industrial 3-light lantern cage pendant like this one from Light&Co., featuring its clear glass shade juxtaposed against its brass floating band for a striking visual statement. Divide the Space into Zones Sunrooms often serve only as a laundry room or storage room. Turn this space into an inviting year-round retreat by furnishing it with comfortable furniture and inviting decor. Sunroom design expert Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors strategically arranged this pair of plush chaise lounges facing out towards California scenery for optimal comfort in her sunroom design. If your sunroom features plenty of greenery, use ambient lighting to bring its vibrancy into the room at night. Black walls and window frames recede visually to allow more color from nature to come into the space. Turn Your Sunroom into a Spot for Entertaining Sunrooms make great spots for entertaining. Fill the room with comfortable seating arrangements for family get-togethers or a dining table to host family meals. A sunroom may even serve as an intimate sanctuary where meditation and relaxation can take place with gong sounds or soothing music playing in the background. At first, remember that sunroom decor receives direct sunlight; for that reason, choose durable fabrics like those made of woven wicker or antique iron and accent them with time-honored pieces like classic floor globes and timeless floral wallpaper. Keep Your Stress Levels Down Sunrooms provide an ideal opportunity to bring nature into the home and reduce stress levels simultaneously. Choose plants that thrive in sunlight while being resistant to temperature changes; conservatory environments typically feature both hot days and chilly nights, making ferns, lilies, succulents and other suitable species excellent choices. Create a relaxing sunroom space using muted tones of neutrals as your palette. Hudson Valley content creator Noelle Downing used sixpenny sofas and Studio McGee chairs from Sixpenny as well as Loloi rug to achieve her goal of designing an idyllic retreat.

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