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Best Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2023

Bathrooms have become spaces where homeowners can express themselves creatively. Homeowners are looking to transform their bathroom into an intimate yet luxurious atmosphere. Stark white and dull gray have had their moment. Now, soothing blues, greens and warm neutral hues are in fashion; these versatile neutrals can be mixed and matched for an attractive palette that's both functional and fashionable. 1. Warm Metallics No matter if you're updating a powder room or designing the bathroom of your dreams, these 2023 bathroom trends will offer fresh inspiration for your space. Crafted to appeal to multiple design styles and be easily implemented into small or larger areas for maximum impactful impact. Soft blues, earthy greens and warm neutrals have become the go-to colors for bathroom designs, evoking nature while easily creating customized palettes. Shower upgrades have also proven popular: both NKBA and Houzz report an elevated shower routine as one of the top bathroom trends for 2023, such as adding built-in seats, multiple showerheads, or even steam capabilities to one's routine. Another trend includes adding accessibility tweaks that make homes age-friendly, such as installing safety bars or tub-to-shower transfer aids; open shelves are back with distinctive brackets providing visual interest - another popular trend among millennials in general! 2. Texture 2023 marks a continuation of bathroom self-care trends with luxurious textures a key feature. You'll find everything from undulating surfaces and ribbed looks, to unique three-dimensional elements in tile, vanity edges, furniture and even hardware. Texture adds depth and gives the impression that your bathroom has changed over time. Color can also be added through paint accents or accessories on open shelves. Are You Wanting to Elevate Your Shower Experience? Consider ditching the Tub. Creating more storage and an expanded shower with seating or multiple showerheads are options that may give your experience a lift, including zero entry access for ageless accessibility and comfort. Add decorative towel racks, art pieces or plush bath rugs as finishing touches for an aesthetically pleasing combination of form and function. 3. Mirrored Surfaces Reaching a polished and refined aesthetic in an otherwise utilitarian space has never been simpler. Frameless mirrors come in all sizes and shapes for you to add both function and visual appeal in an easy manner; soften straight lines with soft corners for an aesthetic that exudes biophilia while still offering a clean and fresh feel. Dark hues remain popular bathroom trends for 2023 as homeowners embrace dark color schemes to create an atmospheric and luxurious environment. Bold tile patterns have also become more frequent to add visual interest. Homeowners this year are turning their focus towards adding natural elements such as natural stone features, wooden accents and plants into their bathrooms. Homeowners also are making efforts to incorporate eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood flooring or bamboo flooring for an eco-friendly yet fashionable aesthetic. Furthermore, homeowners are adding built-in storage or even hidden cubby spaces in order to keep their bathroom uncluttered and organized. 4. Anthracite Anthracite is a bathroom remodeling trend that adds sophistication. This deeper version of gray doesn't dominate even in large-scale applications and pairs nicely with warm metallic accents such as brass. Furthermore, its contrast adds interest to neutral rooms as well as cabinetry or mirror frames. If you're looking to update or transform your master suite or powder room, 2017 could be your year to make a statement with decor and style. Small spaces allow you to experiment with creative design solutions that may not work in larger, more expansive rooms. With spa-inspired designs and wellness touchpoints becoming more prevalent, homeowners want their bathrooms to become personal retreats. Homeowners are adding luxurious elements like soaking tubs and rainfall showers, while modern conveniences like smart technology integration such as smart toilets and mirrors that allow users to adjust lighting and temperature using voice controls; it has also become more common to include built-in shower seats with multiple showerheads, zero entry showers, as well as built-in seat features for ageless accessibility.

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