Home Renovation Trends for 2023

Home renovation and remodeling projects can add significant value to your property while making your house feel like home.

2023 will see homeowners adopting more personalized styles. While minimalism remains popular, more homeowners are opting for customized storage units to help keep things tidy and organized.
Open-Concept Floor Plans

Homeowners have shown increased enthusiasm for upgrading their properties, with many being happy with the results of renovation projects completed according to the NAR. Furthermore, completed projects inspired them to improve other aspects of their residences.

An open floor plan connects rooms such as the kitchen, dining room and living area into one cohesive space, providing an ideal venue for hosting family and friends.

Archways are another 2023 home reno trend that adds visual interest and draws the eye towards specific features in your home, such as doorways, windows, wallpaper designs or furniture pieces. Inspired by classical architecture, these designs give an elegant appearance.
Multifunctional Rooms

Homeowners are increasingly turning to multifunctional rooms, or "flex spaces", to increase livable space. These versatile areas can serve a multitude of functions--play areas for kids or home offices--with features like sound-absorbing furniture and durable drapery making these multifunctional areas suitable for people of all ages.

Laundromats and mudrooms have undergone dramatic transformations, from utilitarian spaces to chic retreats for shedding shoes and pet paws.

Curves can add another dimension of cohesion in multifunctional spaces by including them in doors, windows, wall art or paint colors.
Spa Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be the place you go to unwind after a hard day, so upgrading it into something spa-like will add a relaxing vibe to your home. Natural stone tile, wooden bathtub stools and luxurious shower features can all help create an atmosphere in which you'll look forward to relaxing each morning.

Light colors are key for creating a soothing space, so hire a professional interior painting company to coat your walls in soothing white hues. Also consider switching out standard recessed lighting with eye-catching chandeliers or bold pendant lights for the bathroom, for an eco-friendly update switch out your bulbs for full spectrum models with dimmers installed and install full spectrum bulbs that include dimmers.
Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen renovation is one of the top home renovation trends for 2023. Kitchen upgrades can be an excellent investment that increases a home's value and attract buyers.

Replacement countertops can also be an excellent investment. Switch out laminate styles for elegant quartz or neutral granite surfaces for more luxury and beauty.

Spa bathrooms are becoming an increasingly popular trend and one of the best ways to upgrade a house. This trend involves installing features that create a relaxing environment and promote rejuvenation such as ambient lighting, natural materials, large soaking tubs and hydrotherapy jets.

While home renovation and remodel trends can be great ways to transform your living space, always select those which suit your lifestyle and taste preferences best; that way you'll reap the benefits for years.
Storage Options

One of the newest trends in home renovation is minimalism. This design style emphasizes clean lines and less clutter to create a peaceful living environment, and can be applied across every room of your house.

Homeowners are making use of extra storage options within their homes to maximize livable space, such as shelving units in the laundry room or cubbies in the mudroom.

Homeowners should never follow trends blindly when it comes to renovating their homes; rather they should prioritize projects that suit their unique lifestyles and budgets. Any changes should enhance functionality as well as appearance of their property.
Outdoor Spaces

Due to low housing inventory and rising home prices, more homeowners than ever before are investing in remodeling their homes - an action which will make their living spaces more functional over time.

Sustainable materials have become more and more fashionable, such as recycled goods or those sourced locally. By selecting these options for your home decor needs and contributing to more eco-friendly practices, these sustainable choices add style and character while contributing towards creating a better world.

Wellness is often at the core of home renovations. By adding features like soaker tubs and dimmable lighting, home renovation projects can become self-care oasis that are both relaxing and enjoyable. Furthermore, installing an outdoor dining area with comfortable couches provides a space perfect for hosting parties and family reunions.

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