Tips to Create a Modern Home Office

Home office design is becoming more and more sought after, whether you work remotely or just need an update for your home workspace, the right decor and furniture can keep you productive while remaining stylish.

Although modern workplaces tend to lean toward neutral colors, deep wall colors such as navy blue or hunter green can add an elegant and luxurious feel. Try choosing something like navy blue for an atmosphere that promotes concentration while at the same time is soothing and relaxing.
Create a Peaceful Corner

Home offices of any sort must create an atmosphere that's both cozy and stimulating - whether they be converted closets, corners of living rooms or corner office suites. To focus your mind on work-related tasks more easily, soothing elements like soft rugs, houseplants or art can help provide inspiration while at the same time staying comfortable.

Selecting a contemporary color scheme is key to creating a home office that feels clean and focused. Neutrals, brights or moody darks all work well but make sure your palette remains limited with only two to three hues at any one time - any more could cause visual clutter and spoil the overall aesthetic of the space. Avoid overusing patterns which could potentially distract from its look altogether.

Wall decor should be kept to a minimum in order to prevent distraction and to make your workspace appear more modern, utilize interior design software to translate ideas into photorealistic renders of what the final outcome might look like.
Keep your Wires Organized

Even though some equipment cords may be necessary, they don't have to be an eyesore. With smart office accessories like filing cabinets that store documents out of sight when not needed or storage drawers that help organize supplies when not required for use, keeping clutter off your desk becomes easy and productivity increases.

Wire management systems can make a real difference. Consider adhesive cord covers to hide unsightly wires on walls, floors or tables; with their wide variety of colors they're sure to complement any home office decor!

Decorating floor mats is another effective way of concealing cords while creating a cozier work area. Framing an art print, photo, or piece of artwork on your wall provides the ideal place for hiding wires that might otherwise obstruct work flow.
Add a Grommet to your Table

Modern office design calls for an orderly work area, and adding home office accessories like file cabinets, shelves, monitor arms, LED desk lamps and cable trays is one easy way to achieve that goal.

Neutral color schemes might sound bland, but they can do wonders in a modern home office. By keeping all furniture and wall decor within a similar hue family, it becomes easier to match everything visually without creating visual distractions.

If you don't already have a dedicated home office, consider turning an unused shed or garage into an office-from-home space to replicate the change of environment and mindspace provided by commutes while saving both time and money on buying office furniture.
Add a Statement-Making Wallpaper

Home office designs tend to be minimal in style and color; however, that doesn't mean your workspace should be. Bring some personality into your workspace by adding an eye-catching wallpaper that showcases your distinctive taste.

For a contemporary feel, select wallpaper in a hue that complements the paint shade you have selected for your home office. A neutral tone will lend itself well to this look while floral and printed patterns will lend themselves well towards more classic aesthetics.

If you're creating a home office from an existing room, position your desk so it faces an attractive window. Natural lighting will help keep you focused and productive throughout the day while providing an attractive frame for your desk.
Add Storage

If your job requires you to store a variety of documents and supplies in your home office, modern storage solutions offer convenient solutions. Tuck filing cabinets into corners or behind built-in shelves for a seamless look; floating shelves make an eye-catching statement when painted in similar hues as other pieces; doing this helps minimize visual contrast while making space appear larger.

An affordable memo board is an effective home office decoration idea for keeping track of invitations, post-it notes and reminders that might otherwise distract from work. Or try creating a gallery wall made up of simple frames holding photos of loved ones to save space on your desk.

An armoire can serve as an excellent alternative to filing cabinets for keeping documents out of sight and secure. Look for one at a thrift shop or one you can refinish to fit with the style and decor of your room.

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