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Building a Detached Garage - What to Know

Building a detached garage can add significant value and extra storage space for items or projects, yet before beginning construction there are a few key points you must keep in mind. Your local zoning department will establish regulations regarding where, how big and other factors pertaining to garage construction in your area. A permit must be secured prior to starting construction. Size By choosing a detached garage, you have the flexibility of tailoring it specifically to your property and needs. Modifications made can easily be expanded upon in the future - unlike attached garages which cannot be altered easily without altering their original position on your house. For instance, if you want to transform the garage into a livable space such as a playroom or media room, installing drywall and paint to make it appear as its own individual space can help. Furthermore, windows allow light into the room for an airy atmosphere that creates an inviting homey ambiance. Keep in mind, though, that an on-site built detached garage will cost more than its prefabricated counterpart due to builder time and materials costs as well as any customisation options. To save money in the long run and reduce construction time required for an onsite built garage purchase a prefabricated model such as Sheds Unlimited's prefab garages instead. They eliminate construction altogether while saving both time and money! Layout If you have decided to transform your detached garage into a workshop or recreation area, the next step should be laying out its design. This includes deciding on shelving and storage needs as well as how best to wire for electricity - this should usually be handled by a licensed electrician who can help ensure your structure adheres to local electrical code regulations. If your new detached garage will be within proximity to your home, you must also make the decision whether you would like it fully enclosed or partially open. Depending on where you reside, landscaping changes and marking utility lines for gas, water and electricity may also need to take place. Consider turning your detached garage into an art studio or playroom for the kids, giving them their own place where they can explore creativity and express themselves without disrupting your house. Materials Calculating the cost of building a detached garage involves many key considerations. One key factor is its foundation - typically between $8 per square foot and $14 - while materials include wood framing, roofing materials and insulation costs. Framing can have a substantial effect on overall costs; higher quality wood will cost more. Insulation will increase expenses but will save money over time by helping lower energy bills. Another crucial consideration should be the costs associated with any plumbing, drainage or electrical work required in your project. Hiring a contractor often proves more cost effective as they will ensure all work meets local code and regulations. Finally, prior to beginning construction it may be necessary to secure a building permit from the city - though this process can seem cumbersome, it ensures your garage meets all quality standards set forth by law. Finishing If your detached garage will serve more than simply as a place to store cars and equipment, finishing the space so that it becomes enjoyable to spend time there is essential. Whether your goal is entertaining guests, working from home or simply getting away from your usual distractions at home - essential creature comforts like electrical and heating/cooling must be installed for comfort. Sheathing involves laying wooden plates called studs to strengthen your garage frame, while insulation provides extra cooling in hot summers and cold winters - options such as cellulose, fiberglass, polyurethane foam or radiant barrier may all provide this function. Walls made of drywall are more than just beautiful; they also reduce noise pollution. If you plan on working on mechanical tinkering projects or woodworking in your garage, installing drywall could prove worthwhile and increase property values if ever sold.

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