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10 Ways to Modernize an Outdated Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the key selling points when it comes to real estate sales, so having outdated or subpar bathrooms could quickly derail a sale. But you don't need to break the bank to modernize them! Try these simple tips to revive and revitalize your bathroom on a budget - you'll be amazed at what a difference they make! 1. Paint the Walls Painting can be an economical and straightforward solution to updating a bathroom, with Domestic Imperfection's blogger doing just this to give her space a modern upgrade, covering over outdated paneling with paint while also refinishing her bathtub. Detail matters! Swapping out your outdated toilet paper holder and towel rack with sleek new ones can have a dramatic effect. 2. Install Scone Lights An inviting bathroom needs ample lighting to feel relaxing. Installing scoone lights around or above the mirror provides enough light for hair and makeup checks while adding cost-effective style updates to your space. Just make sure that power has been cut to your working area at the breaker box and test to see if everything is functioning as intended. Or consider battery-operated wall sconces. 3. Keep the Toilet and Bathtub Neutral Detail is often what distinguishes an outdated bathroom from being updated, from replacing cabinet hardware to upgrading lighting fixtures and even simply swapping out fixtures altogether. Removing carpet in exchange for easier-to-maintain flooring can instantly transform any space. Add visual interest with a statement shower curtain or bold floor tile, and adding spa-inspired shower head is also a simple upgrade. 4. Paint the Ceiling Renovation can be expensive, but even small adjustments can give your bathroom an updated look and feel. Try upgrading from an outdated shower curtain with one featuring vibrant patterns instead. Before beginning painting, cover the floor with a canvas drop cloth (not plastic), as paint can easily track onto floors. Furthermore, use only high-quality rollers and be sure not to rush when applying your brushstrokes as this causes spray spray everywhere! 5. Add Vertical Shelving Simple bathroom upgrades can make an impactful statement: an eye-catching shower curtain instantly brightens up a room while matching towels tie an entire color palette together. Designer Katie Davis created an unconventional layout in this small primary bathroom to let more light in and create the illusion of more space. Additionally, she added a long vanity for storage and counter space. 6. Replace Builder Grade Fixtures Modernize your bathroom quickly by switching out bulky vanity for sleek pedestal sink and outmoded sconces for LED lights that cast flattering glows, as well as adding dimmers for ambient lighting to make the environment more relaxing or conducive to applying makeup. Small details can have an enormous effect on the aesthetics of your bathroom, such as new caulking to define transition points and grout lines. 7. Swap Out Your Hardware Change can make an affordable difference, from replacing light fixtures, towel bars and cabinet handles with brass or copper versions to simply upgrading chrome taps to brass or copper ones. If you are renting or can't do a complete bathroom redo, adding a bath fan ($160 to $350) might be the solution to avoiding mold and mildew growth in your shower and bathtub. These affordable luxury items draw moisture out while showering or bathing and prevent it from collecting in your tub or shower, keeping your bathroom at an ideal temperature while helping prevent mildew growth. 8. Replace the Sink Replacing an outdated sink can quickly revitalize a space. If you don't want to undertake a full remodel, installing recessed medicine cabinets and shelves to organize everything from cleaning products to cotton swabs will do the trick. Add a framed mirror above a double vanity to instantly expand and brighten the room, adding style that'll last. It can make an instantaneous transformation and will look fantastic for years. 9. Install a Frameless Mirror Installing a frameless mirror over your vanity creates a modern aesthetic. Plus, no worries will arise should you decide to redecorate and the mirror looks out of place! Frameless mirrors are lighter, making them easier to hang using clips or glue; you can even accessorize with decor such as Cheryle added hooks to hers to give a bit of character to an otherwise plain bathroom wall. 10. Add a Framed Mirror An elegantly-framed mirror can help add visual interest and refresh a bathroom that has fallen into disrepair. Select one in keeping with the decor of your bathroom for best results. Use an automatic stud finder to find the studs in your wall where you intend to hang the mirror; these tools can be purchased at most hardware stores. Attach the mirror to the wall using metal clips similar to those found on picture frames.

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